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AV & Lighting for

Social & Corporate Events

Time Matters Entertainment is an AV rental and live event production company that provides services for high end social, gala and corporate events alike.

Our custom packages let you transform your venue to meet your vision. Our lighting, sound, and visual equipment work to enhance and enliven spaces in memorable ways, helping you to celebrate in style. From classic to modern looks, we provide and impress.

Corporate event, Dallas, Texas, Spring 2019

LED videowall & stage lighting

Our technicians provide:

  • Crystal clear audio

  • Exceptional video quality

  • Vivid lighting 

led video boards.jpg

Corporate event, Dallas, Texas, Spring 2017

LED Videowall with staging and stage wash

Our lighting and AV rentals help amplify the theme of your event. Our team offers different lighting setups including uplighting and wash lighting, among other AV options.
Our talented professionals can give entries pizzaz, add subtle lighting to bar areas, and much more with their illuminating designs. Other visual services include video installations and projector mapping, which can be small in scale or immerse audiences.



Non-profit event, Dallas, Texas, Fall 2019

LED videowall with AV & wireless lighting


Corporate event, Houston, Texas, Spring 2019

Outdoor lighting to help create a purple theme


Corporate event, Dallas, Texas, Spring 2021

40' LED Videowall with Stage

Use AV technology to promote your cause and elevate the atmosphere.

Audio-visual rentals so you can rest assured that everyone hears the message, toasts and well wishes. In addition, we offer staging. To complete the ambience of your event, drapery can be expertly hung for a sophisticated setting.

Our LED videowalls provide a vibrant, attention-grabbing alternative to traditional projectors.

They maintain the same high-quality picture whether they are outdoors in broad daylight or inside a darkened ballroom.


Corporate event, Houston, Texas, Spring 2019

Outdoor purple wash and LED orbs

Bring out the natural surroundings and unique venue elements

with creative AV designs. 

With such a breadth of experience, our team is adept at transforming venues to suit their clients’ needs. The team also strives to offer something fresh and is always seeking out new ideas, designs, and equipment.


St. Lucia @ corporate event, Dallas, Texas, Spring 2019

LED Videowall with AV, staging & lighting


Corporate event, Houston, Texas, Fall 2019

Full AV, stage and lighting package with string lighting and wireless AX5 lighting.

St. Lucia @ corporate event, Dallas, Texas, Spring 2019

LED Videowall with AV, staging & lighting

Paint your party
with LED lighting

Our team prioritizes customer centric service, attention to detail, and professionalism above all else.

The success of your event relies on quality AV and perfectly placed lighting. 



Astera LED

Ax3 4.png
Ax5 5.png
Ax1 2.png

Smart and wireless

event lighting

  • Up to 18 hours of runtime

  • IP rated/weatherproof

  • Thousands of vivid, deep colors 

  • Smart

  • Android/iOS app control for wireless user control


Dallas Star's Ice Girl's Astera Titan Tube installation;

 2019-2020 season

Ax5 1.png
Ax3 1.png

Think beyond average led uplighting and add wireless wash lighting to bars and lounge areas with Astera AX5 LED lights.

Control your lighting and mood. 

Astera Titan Tubes for music video, Spring 2020


Wedding, Little Elm, Texas, Spring 2021

Cake, Dancefloor, Band wash lighting, uplights and accent lighting

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