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LED Video Pixels

Catch your audiences attention and push your message more effectively than ever!
LED video wall technology is colorful, bright and IP rated (water resistant). Your message, clear and bright!

From the Gear List:


-Icon XL IP3 3.9 mm, IP65

(128x256 pixels, 500mmx1000mm)

-Icon IP3 3.9 mm, IP65

(128x128 pixels, 500mmx500mm)

-Icon 2.6mm

(192 x192 pixels, 500m x 500mm) 





LED Video Wall Rental in Plano, TX

LED Video walls for live eventS


Push through the ambient lighting and stand apart. Our LED video panel technology has you covered both indoors and out.

Video walls are more eye popping vs traditional projection and make your event stand above the rest. 

Think of LED panels like building blocks. Build LED shapes and elements for events and stage designs. LED banners, columns, video arches and ribbons are all effective ways to integrate sponsorship content and engage the eye. 

Our LED video Wall Technology

IMG_0990 1.JPG

Our LED panels are field serviceable and can curve concave and convex to create a unique flowing ribbon look or concave widescreen. With a low failure rate and high brightness, videowalls are the answer for most large display solutions. 

Need an outdoor wall? Use an IP rated wall not just for water resistance but for the correct amount of brightness or "nitz".  

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